General Instructions for Haj

All Hujjaj are advised to follow these instructions strictly.

  • Registration Dates : 12 Rabiul Avval (Milad-un-Nabi) upto 20 Rabiul Akhar 1436.
  • Register by filling an application form using your ITS ID and Password and add members of your family travelling with you.
  • Contact ITS Office, Mumbai for any queries regarding ID and Password.
  • Pending applications of last year must register afresh for the current year.
  • For Ladies : There must be atleast ONE MALE member in your group (MEHRAM) who will travel along with you for Haj otherwise your application will be rejected.
  • Safai Chitthi will be required
  • Hujjaj Kiram from all over the world must reach Makkah by 30th Zilqadah.
  • After Haj it is advised that no Haji shall leave Makkah before 15th Zilhajjah.
  • For Haj Committee Applicants the "Tasreeh" will be issued by Faiz-e-Husainy only for those whose names have been approved by Sigatul Haj.

For All Applicants :

  • Accomodation may be near Haram Shareef (subject to availability)   OR
  • at Aziziyah which is about 4-5 km from Haram Shareef. Bus facility is available.
  • Lawazemaat to be made at Mecca (excluding Madina Lawazemaat and Zabihat) will be (approximately) Saudi Riyaal SR ....... for accomodation near Haram Shareef.
  • and (approx) SR ........ for accomodation at Aziziyah.
  • Madina Lawazam SR ........
  • Zabihat (approx) SR 450
 Approval for International Flight

  • Sigatul Haj may approve pending applications of India of previous years who have reapplied this year.
  • Kindly check your application status and if approved, contact your Aamil saheb for Approval Letter.
  • As per instructions given in the Approval Letter, a payment of Rs.30000/- per person alongwith New Passport (New passports are machine readable with barcode) and relevant documents must be made to Faiz-e-Husayni Coordinator within 10 days.
  • Faiz Coordinator will allot you an FH-Number and he/she will type this FH-Number against your name at this website. This will confirm your seat for Haj.
  • Note that if FH-Number is not given, approval may be cancelled and your seat may be alloted to other pending applicants.


  • No personal enquiries or correspondence regarding approval will be entertained.
  • Requests for transfer from Haj Committee India to International Flight will not be accepted.
 Approval for Haj Comm(India) Flight



  • Register on this website only AFTER your Form Cover Number is selected in Draw held by Haj Committee of India in your state in April/May.
  • If you register here, you will NOT be able to go through through Faiz-e-Husayni in International Flight. You will have to go through Haj Committee of India's Flight only.
  • This is applicable even if your International Flight application has been approved by Sigatul Haj and by Aamil Saheb.
  • After registering on this website, collect your Approval Letter from your Aamil Saheb.
  • Then proceed to Faiz Coordinator for payment and other formalities.
  • Your application will be approved by Sigatul Haj only after payment is made to Faiz Coordinator and only after Faiz Coordinator will enter FH Number on this website against your name.